Rookie Misplay #1 – Transferring Points

With the upcoming doom of Hilton HHonors devaluation on March 28th I wanted to ensure I could book my AXON award by then. This means I needed roughly 102,000 HHonors points to post. While I had several methods for getting points, and am expecting about 72,000 more to post – I don’t think I will see them by March 28th due to the way my credit card statements hit in March. I decided to go ahead and transfer my American Express Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic (1:1) and then to Hilton HHonors from there (1:2).

Virgin Atlantic’s page states ” Flying Club members can spend their miles for any reward available on the Hilton HHonors reward chart by exchanging Flying Club miles for HHonors points through the HHonors Reward Exchange. Miles can be transferred into Hilton HHonors points at a rate of 1 for 1 (minimum level of 10,000 miles and then in increments of 5,000) by calling the Flying Club helpline. Be sure to have your HHonors account number handy.” While I had read many reports online of transferring 1:2  – I definitely should have called at this point to confirm!! Instead, I transferred 51,000 points…

(hoping for 102,000 to go with my current 43,000 in HHonors) and hoped for the best. Luckily, it worked out. When I called to transfer the miles I was told it would be a 1:2 rate even though it looks like 1:1 on the website. So it turned out okay. Then what was my rookie misplay? I thought I had read online that it was increments of 1,000 so I transferred 51,000. This means I now have 1,000 points sitting in Virgin Atlantic. Not a complete waste, but also not what I intended.

Lesson learned: call and confirm anything before transferring points. It worked out okay this time, but I was scared for a second before I made the call to Flying Club to transfer the miles to HHonors points. Also, make sure to transfer points with plenty of time before your trip. Virgin Atlantic states they can take up to 30 days.


About Rebecca

I'm an engineer who is new to the points game. Hoping to share my discoveries as I collect points to travel the world.

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