Hotel Cardinal Rive Gauche – Paris

Continuing the Paris Trip Report, if you missed it check out:
My Flight To Paris

When booking this trip through we had quite a few hotel options. One of the cheaper options had pretty good reviews on trip advisor, so we gave it a shot and stayed at Hotel Cardinal Rive Gauche.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect. We arrived at the hotel at noon after our long flight and check-in wasn’t for a couple hours. The hotel staff was very accommodating and gave us our room early. We were on the third floor and were pleased the hotel had an elevator – even more so as we got further into our trip and climbed more and more stairs. The room was tiny, but nice. It was comfortable enough for two for a five night stay in Paris.


Our Paris Hotel Room

Our room contained two twin beds, a one foot walkway, a desk, chair and a small tv. The view from the window wasn’t bad either – other than the first time I opened the window to look a bug immediately flew in.

View From Our Room

View From Our Room

The bathroom was nicely upgraded and even had a towel warmer, although it was surprisingly warm in Paris during our trip so it didn’t get used. I have to admit even after five nights I never did figure out how to shower without getting water all over the floor…

The Bathroom

Hotel Bathroom

Our room rate included breakfast each morning. We were pleasantly surprised with the breakfast selection and enjoyed it. They had amazing pastries with chocolate in them, and any day that starts with chocolate is starting out right.

Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Buffet

All-in-all I was very pleased with the hotel. The front desk staff was very friendly and gave us great directions and tips. And all spoke English! Which I understand I’m in a foreign country and they are not required to – but my French is terrible so it was definitely a plus! I would definitely stay here again, although for a second trip I may try to choose a location a little more central (and maybe even free on points!).

I really enjoyed the Latin Quarter, and it might have been neat to stay closer to an area like that. But it was very easy to get around using the metro, so the location was just fine. It would have been nice to have a little more right by the hotel, but it was fairly quiet outside this location so that’s also a plus.


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