Rookie Misplay #3 and Booking The Final Flight For My Reward Trip To Japan!

I was relying on Ultimate Rewards points from my Chase Ink Bold to complete our booking for Japan. After meeting the minimum spend I got 50,000 UR points – which converts to 50,000 United miles! I had also applied for the United Mileage Explorer card so with the two sign on bonuses and my 5x Ink spend on gift cards I was able to collect the 120,000 miles necessary for two one-way business class ticket to Japan!

I had already booked the hotel, since I had to book quickly to avoid the negative effects of the Hilton Devaluation that recently occurred. And when I booked my stay at the Conrad Tokyo I had enough points to cover two one-way business class tickets on American and went ahead and booked a return flight home for us. You can read more about my initial planning/booking here. So the only thing missing was a one night stay at the Hilton Tokyo Narita depending on what time/day we arrived and the flight to Japan.

Since we had the rest of our plans set, I was very anxious to book the flight there to make sure everything aligned well. Too anxious, in fact.

I had read online that it was possible to change the statement date of Chase cards, in which case the points would post faster. So after I met the minimum spend, I went ahead and went online to see if it was an option online. Here’s where rookie misplay #3 comes in. Turns out it was an option online – kind of. I set my statement date earlier in the month so it would close early April instead of late April. The catch? All it did was postpone my late April statement to early May! So it took even longer! In retrospect I should have put the extra effort in and called. But in any case, it worked out in the end!

This past week I booked our flights to Japan! The points posted to Ultimate Rewards shortly after my statement closed. And transferred immediately to United Mileage Plus! And once a few more Hilton HHonors points post I will book the 20,000 point night at the Hilton Narita to complete the trip. We are flying business class on ANA over there, and business class on American Airlines back. Staying 7 nights at the Conrad Tokyo and planning for one more at the Hilton Tokyo Narita near the airport.

When I booked the United flights, the checkout screen showed what the tickets would cost (I’d imagine you could find a better deal by searching – but as a guesstimate it makes me feel pretty good about what I’ve accomplished!). I paid 120,000 miles and $10, versus $10,964.80! Considering I first started participating in this “hobby” in November of last year I’d say it’s a pretty good start! A few bumps along the road, but so far I’m thrilled with what seems to be possible.

Money Saved Through Rewards!

Money Saved Through Rewards!


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I'm an engineer who is new to the points game. Hoping to share my discoveries as I collect points to travel the world.

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