Variable-load Visa Gift Cards Possibly Coming Back to Office Depot?

I just got back from Office Depot where I found the variable load $20-500 for a $4.95 fee Visa gift cards on the shelf! There was a stack of the Vanilla Visa and the One Vanilla Visa. I went up to the counter to purchase the One Vanilla one first in hopes of potentially using it with a pin to load my Bluebird account, but it came back “Item Not Found” and wouldn’t come up in their system! So I tried the Vanilla Visa and got the same result. They were unable to sell them. This is the second Office Depot in the last couple of weeks where I have seen them in the store. I don’t know if it’s a screw up or they are eventually coming back, but I’d like to think it’s a good sign!!!

Vanilla Visa At Office Depot

Vanilla Visa At Office Depot


OneVanilla Visa At Office Depot

OneVanilla Visa At Office Depot

For anyone who is unfamiliar with why these matter, it is possible to purchase these with the Ink Bold or Ink Plus business cards which get 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards Points at office supply stores. This is essentially a very cheap way to add miles or hotel points. Especially with gift cards which allow you to set a pin and load your Bluebird account with them to then make bill or loan payments.

The cards where immediately pulled from the shelf at my Office Depot since they could not be sold. Please let me know if you have any luck at yours in the comments below. Good luck!


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