From Paris to Barcelona – Air France and Atenea Aparthotel

Continuing the Paris/Barcelona Trip Report, if you missed it you can read from the start here: Paris and Barcelona Part 1

We flew out of Paris from Orly (ORY) to Barcelona (BCN). We had flown into Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG), so getting to Orly was new to us. My unlimited metro pass had stopped working during the week (I think I put it next to something I shouldn’t have – opps), so I had to get it replaced. When the guy replaced it he somehow gave me an extra day and my pass worked on Friday. My friend’s pass did not though. We took a bus to the RER station, where my friend bought a ticket for RER B to ORLYVal. Her ticket cost €11,30. I only had to buy the Orlyval ticket at the Antony RER stop since my pass worked, so mine was just €8,30. The Orlyval ride was short and we arrived with plenty of time.

As we were used to only flying in the US, flying out of Orly was a little odd. Security did not require me to take my shoes off, and no one even checked my passport or id. We simply printed our boarding passes at the kiosk and showed that to get on the plane. The flight was run by Air France and wasn’t crowded at all. We actually enjoyed it, other than the issue of flying while sick. If you’ve never flown while sick, it hurts. Your ears don’t pressurize right if you’re congested and it can be very painful!

We arrived at Barcelona around 3pm and bought an aerobus ticket to get into the city. My card would not work in the machine, so we had to use cash to purchase the tickets. I’m not sure if it was a chip and pin issue (mine is chip and signature), or just that machine. The bus ride into Barcelona was about 30 minutes and cost us €5,90 each.

After arriving in the city center, we took the metro to our hotel. We had decided that since we were there three days, the T-10 (ten metro trips) pass made the most sense. We each bought one for €11. If you ride a bus and a metro within one hour and fifteen minutes of each other it counts as one trip. This was nice as a few of our destinations required buses and metros. We could have shared one T-10 (unlike the Paris unlimited metro pass which can’t be shared) but figured since we knew we would be taking enough trips we might as well go ahead and each buy one. We had upgraded the hotel portion of our trip from the cheapest option in order to get a hotel that was a little closer to the metro and chose to stay at Atenea Aparthotel. It was very nice, and I’d recommend it. Our only complaint was that it was pretty loud inside our room due to the elevator and hallway noise.

Atenea Aparthotel Lobby

Atenea Aparthotel Lobby

Our room had a tiny kitchen, two twin beds and was a pretty large room. Especially compared to the foot of walking space we had in our room in France!

Our Room At Atenea Aparthotel

Our Room At Atenea Aparthotel

The other half of our room contained a table and a tiny kitchen.

Atenea Aparthotel Large Room

Atenea Aparthotel Large Room

The kitchen was small but useable, and utensils/plates were available on request. The tiny white box next to the door in the hotel room (see photo below) was a new one for me. When you enter the room, you have to put the room key in that slot to turn on the lights. When you leave and take the key, they turn off shortly after. Yes, I was that dumb American who couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on and had to ask. Sorry. 🙂

Atenea Aparthotel Kitchen

Atenea Aparthotel Kitchen

The bathroom was fairly large and had a bidet. The shower got super hot super quickly. The first night I wondered why anyone would want water that hot, but after walking around Barcelona in the rain it was absolutely amazing.

All-in-all I was pretty happy with the hotel and it was a decent location at the Les Corts metro stop off Line 3. The front desk staff was very helpful.


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