Barcelona – Castle Montjuic and The Magic Fountains

Continuing the Paris/Barcelona Trip Report, if you missed it you can read from the start here: Paris and Barcelona Part 1. To read from the start of the Barcelona segment, see my post on Air France and Atenea Aparthotel.

We arrived at our hotel (Atenea Aparthotel) around 5pm, and were ready to head back out around 6. We used one of our T-10 metro trips and took the metro line 3 to Placa Espanya and caught bus 24 to ride up to Castle Montjuic. Unfortunately it was rainy out, so the views weren’t as as great as I had been hoping for. Bus 24 takes you past Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium/Park and many other neat areas. If we had had more than two and a half days in Barcelona it would have been nice to explore the area a little more. The alternative to the bus ride is a cable car that also takes you up to that area, but as it stopped running at 7 and it was already 6 we went ahead and took the bus.

Cable Car to Castle Montjuic

Cable Car to Castle Montjuic

The Castle was interesting to walk around, and was especially great since it was free. It had great views of Barcelona even in the rain, as well as the harbor.

Castle Montjuic

Castle Montjuic

If it hadn’t been cloudy out I think the views would have been amazing. Even as cloudy as it was out we still really enjoyed it.

After walking around the castle for a little while, we took bus 24 back down to the bottom where it dropped us off right by the Magic Fountains. The Fountains were very easy to find as there was a huge crowd surrounding it waiting for the show. In April the show is from 7-9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. So it worked out well with our timing.

Magic Fountains

Magic Fountains

The fountains were pretty neat with the lights and music, and again even better since they are free. After the show, we headed back to the hotel and grabbed dinner in the restaurant in the hotel for convenience. They had an €18 appetizer + meal + dessert option. The food was decent, but the meal took FOREVER. I don’t know if it was specifically the cultural difference in the approach to meals out or this place was especially slow, but our courses took so long to come out (at 10:30pm) that my friend left to go to the room to shower and made it back between the appetizer and meal being served, and I did the same after the meal and before dessert! We had asked for things to be brought as soon as possible since we were sick and tired, but it didn’t seem to help.

We were very excited for the next day though, as we were heading to Montserrat!


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