Barcelona – La Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Güell Park

Continuing the Paris/Barcelona Trip Report, if you missed it you can read from the start here: Paris and Barcelona Part 1. To read from the start of the Barcelona segment, see my posts on Air France and Atenea Aparthotel and Castle Montjuic and the Magic Fountains and Montserrat and La Rambla/Gothic Quarter.

We arrived at La Sagrada Família about a half hour after it opened and there was still a long line, even in the rain. We probably waited about forty five minutes in line outside in the rain. I enjoyed it though as there was a race going on through the streets of Barcelona and as a runner (a very slow one) I enjoyed watching.

La Sagrada Família has been under construction since 1882. It is an ongoing project. It was pretty inside, very different.

La Sagrada Família

The stained glass was gorgeous, and the architecture was very impressive as well.

Stained Glass in La Sagrada Família

We chose not to go up in the towers as it was rainy and the view wouldn’t have been nearly as spectacular as Montserrat the day before. Instead we took the metro to go check out Casa Milà and Casa Batlló, two houses that Gaudi designed. We decided not to go inside as Casa Milà was €16.50 and Casa Batlló was €20.35. So we admired Gaudi’s work from the outside and then grabbed lunch nearby.

Casa Milà

It was a nice walk from Casa Milà to Casa Batlló, and the area was full of luxury shops – most of which were unfortunately closed on Sunday. We were not used to the store hours in Barcelona. One day I took a walk around town mostly looking at closed shops in the afternoon!

Casa Batlló

If I go back to Barcelona, I will probably try to go past Casa Batlló to see it at night. After Casa Batlló, we hit a local restaurant for lunch and then headed back to the hotel to change our wet socks yet again. My friend wanted to check out an antique market that wasn’t open when we went to the waterfront area yesterday, and I wanted to check out a specific store (which of course wasn’t open Sunday), so we headed back different routes. My route took me past the Arc de Triomph (yep, there’s one here too).

Arc de Triomph

After changing our wet socks again at the hotel, we headed back out to Güell Park. We took the metro to Placa Catalunya and caught bus 27 there. There are several ways to get to Güell Park, but the metro ways require quite a hike, and some of it is uphill. I read online that bus 27 drops you off right at the entrance near the top of the park, so we took that and then walked down and it worked out really well. The park was very neat, but also very crowded. It may be worth going early, although I’m not sure if it’s still crowded then or not. It was crowded even in the rain. It had great views of Barcelona, and would be amazing on a clear day!

View of Barcelona from Güell Park

The building with the cranes above it is La Sagrada Familia, where we had been earlier that day. The park was designed by Gaudi and had some very pretty features.

Güell Park

The Pavilion was my favorite part of the park.

Pavillion at Güell Park

After the park, we headed to the waterfront to grab some seafood. We chose a seafood place randomly and ordered Swordfish Leonesa. It was decent but not our favorite meal of the trip. After dinner I walked around the aquarium mall area and waterfront for a bit. Before heading back, I walked on La Rambla to a pharmacy. The pharmacist spoke english, so I asked for an antihistamine to hopefully help with the altitude changes the next day. She gave me Alercina Plus, which I googled and it looked to be like Zyrtec. As bad as my ears hurt (due to congestion) after the altitude change from Montserrat I would have tried anything to prevent that pain on the plane the next day! More on that in an upcoming post about the flight home.


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