Barcelona – Flight Home on Delta, Chase Ink Lounge Club Passes Used

Continuing the Paris/Barcelona Trip Report, if you missed it you can read from the start here: Paris and Barcelona Part 1. To read from the start of the Barcelona segment, see my posts on Air France and Atenea Aparthotel and Castle Montjuic and the Magic Fountains , Montserrat and La Rambla/Gothic Quarter, and La Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Güell Park.

On our last day in Barcelona we woke up early to head to the airport and caught Aerobus from Placa Espanya for €5,90 each. We made it to the airport with plenty of time. I had googled “flying while sick” since our ears hurt so badly from the mountain altitude change and found recommendations for antihistamines and special ear plugs called “earPlanes”. The ear plugs have a ceramic filter that helps to gradually adjust pressurization. We stopped in a pharmacy in the airport that had them. They were €11,75 and it definitely seemed like either that or the antihistamine greatly helped, compared to how much our ears hurt from the descent in the cable car earlier that weekend. So if they are a scam, I fell for it and will fall for it again if I get sick before a flight in the future!

Going through security in Barcelona was interesting. I brought back Coke bottles for a friend who is a collector. If you were wondering, security doesn’t really like bottles in suitcases (makes sense) and I had to pull them out to prove they were empty. After security, we headed to Sala VIP Miro in Terminal 1 in BCN. As I have a Chase Ink Bold (part of the trip to Japan plan) it gave me a Lounge Club Membership, with two free passes. If you’re looking for how to sign up, I used the info Million Mile Secrets provides here to do so. Consensus online seems to be that the two free visits qualifies as you and a guest or you twice. So I took my friend in. If you do not have a free visit it is $27 to use the LoungeClub Membership without. You can view a list of the qualifying lounges here. This was my first time in a lounge and it was pretty nice (although nothing special by any means compared to what others have blogged about). I doubt I would pay $27 but I will definitely take advantage of free lounge passes in the future. They had showers, comfy chairs, alcohol, and a selection of snacks and breakfast pastries as it was 10am.

BCN Sala VIP Miro Lounge

BCN Sala VIP Miro Lounge

The lounge also had a nice open window to look out into the airport.

View of BCN from the lounge

View of BCN from the lounge

The lounge passes worked as expected and I did not get charged for the visits. It was a nice break before our long flight.

Our flight (Delta 115) took off on time and we were on our way to Atlanta. Unfortunately, the in-flight entertainment system was not working. I called to complain as 9 hours is an especially long time to go with no entertainment and I was really hoping to watch Les Miserables. But really I wrote up a lot of the trip report on the flight so productivity-wise it was good. When I called Delta they offered me 7500 SkyMiles as a consolation prize for the faulty in-flight entertainment. The agent stated this was due to the fact I was Silver Medallion, but when my friend called she was offered 3500 as a Silver so I’m not sure what really is the standard offer. She was able to bump it up to the 7500 SkyMiles as well though.

Overall the flight wasn’t as bad as I was expecting based on the way out. We had a window and an aisle seat and it was reasonably comfortable for the long haul. I actually slept more on the day flight than on the trip out at night! They came around shortly after take off and offered chicken curry, pasta or grilled chicken salad. I chose the grilled chicken salad. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting but wasn’t bad. And again, free beer and wine is a nice perk of international travel.

Delta "Chicken Salad" Coach Meal

Delta “Chicken Salad” Coach Meal

They also came around shortly before landing with cheese calzones and gelato which were pretty tasty. The flight attendants were very nice about the in-flight entertainment system being out and attempted a system-wide restart which didn’t help. The pilot also made an announcement apologizing before the descent. All-in-all it was a much more pleasant flight than I was expecting based on the uncomfortable flight out. It was a nice end to a nice trip – although I’m sure business or first class would have been a better conclusion!


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