Hyatt Diamond Challenge for Two Nights in a Suite! [Expired?]

Edit: it now looks as though the Hyatt credit card no longer offers two nights in a suite to Diamond members. This may no longer be an option.

One of my friends is currently planning her honeymoon in Hawaii. She has begun applying for some key credit cards to help cut costs (I might be partly to blame for that…). In the process she applied for a Hyatt Diamond Challenge in order to get two free nights in a suite!

I’ve touched briefly on this subject before as it was part of my initial plan for Japan (and has now transferred to my initial plan for Australia – Park Hyatt Sydney potentially?). She used two cards in order to get two free Hilton nights, Hilton Gold status, and therefore temporary Hyatt Diamond status to get two free Hyatt nights in a suite! Here’s how…

The Citibank Hilton Reserve card is a great card. It has a $95 annual fee (not waived the first year), but after $2500 spent in 4 months you get two free nights valid at most Hilton’s worldwide! There are some exceptions, see here for a list of excluded properties. You also get a free weekend night stay certificate on the card anniversary after $10,000 spent in a year, as well as Hilton Gold status for as long as you hold the card (free internet and breakfast). A big advantage to this aside from use at Hilton itself is that you can use it to status match with Hyatt!

Hyatt has a similar card to the Citi Hilton Reserve that is issued by Chase. With a $75 annual fee (not waived first year), you get two free nights at any Hyatt after $1000 spent in the first three months! You also get Platinum status (free internet and additional reward points), as well as a free night in a category 1-4 Hyatt each year. The catch is, if you apply for this card and are already a Hyatt Diamond member, you get those two free nights in a suite!! If you apply for the Hyatt card make sure to look up how to get a $50 statement credit by searching for a room and clicking on the offer there.

Once in your life you can apply for a Hyatt Diamond Challenge if you have status with a competitor. Therefore, my friend was able to use her Hilton Gold status to request a challenge through Hyatt. After being granted the temporary Diamond status, she applied for the Hyatt card.

How to request a Hyatt Diamond Challenge:

In order to start the process, my friend sent the following email to

I am currently a Gold status member with Hilton HHonors and would like to ask for the Hyatt Diamond Challenge. I have heard a lot of great things about the Hyatt chain from my coworkers and would like to move my business there and hopefully match my Hilton benefits. From what I understand, you would need proof of my Hilton Gold status to issue a challenge, so I have attached a screenshot of my Hilton login for your convenience. My last stay at Hilton was in May. Here is my Hyatt information for the status match:
Member Name: ____
Hyatt Gold Passport Number: _____
Thank you very much for your attention to the matter. I look forward to staying with you soon.

She also included the following image to demonstrate her Gold status at Hilton (obtained through the Citi Hilton Reserve).

Hilton Status Proof

Hilton Status Proof

She received a response to her email informing her that her proof of Hilton status qualified her for a Hyatt Diamond Trial Offer. She received Diamond membership for 60 days. In order to maintain that status she has to complete 12 nights in 60 days, which would then make that status valid through February 2015. As Rom’s Deals mentions here, if you apply after June 1st it’s valid until a year from February. Otherwise it would be February 2014. My friend also would receive 1000 bonus points on the first six eligible nights.

If you are planning on doing a Diamond Challenge, Hyatt recently announced a partnership with hotels in Vegas earlier this month. Hack My Trip discusses it here. Not a bad way to get to Diamond status if they count!

After confirming her status she applied and was approved for the Chase Hyatt Visa and is on her way to her two free nights in a suite!


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5 responses to “Hyatt Diamond Challenge for Two Nights in a Suite! [Expired?]”

  1. Scottrick says :

    I’ve heard reports that MGM stays will not count toward the Hyatt Diamond trial. They are still useful for earning elite status the normal way (25 stays or 50 nights) but not for a short-term trial.

  2. AJ says :

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I have a quick question.
    – I am Platinum level on Hyatt though Chase & I also enjoy Gold status with Hilton through Citi Reserve.
    – I am planning a trip to Hawaii in December. I have already met the spending limits on both cards to get free night certificates and they should be with me by End of this Month.

    Here is what is troubling me. Should I request Hyatt to upgrade my status to DIAMOND by matching my status with Hilton now or in November. I would love get the suite @ Hyatt. What should be my strategy. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Rebecca says :

      Hi AJ,

      Unfortunately I believe the free nights in a suite for Diamond status are only granted if you have Diamond at the time of card application.

      You can only do the Diamond Challenge once in your life, so I would make sure this is the best trip for it – but if you do the Diamond challenge within 60 days of your stay you could enjoy Diamond status while there. With the challenge you also receive paid suite upgrade certificates. You could try purchasing a room (there are certain minimum rate requirements – I believe some resorts require a certain view room rate to upgrade) and then using one of the suite upgrade certificates. If you paid for the first night and then used your two free nights following you could potentially wind up with 3 nights in a suite. This puts you at entirely at the whim of the hotel to not move you and its availability and also requires one paid night with no guarantee it will work. 😦

      If you do not want to use your Diamond Challenge yet, The Miles Professor talks here about various ways to get an upgrade:
      One of which is a paid room + 6,000 points. Just make sure you pay for the correct type of room if you do that or the suite upgrade! The other option is to just use points entirely.

      Good luck, enjoy Hawaii! 🙂

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