Rookie Misplay #5 – Always Call Back If The Agent Is Not Helpful

There comes a point in this hobby where instant credit card approvals stop happening. I’ve discussed my experiences calling the reconsideration lines in previous posts. Sometimes all they want to know is how much credit you want on a line. But in other instances, or even when booking awards through an agent I think the lesson I learned earlier this week definitely applies!

I’ve read many blog posts that mention the benefits of calling back if you get a unresponsive agent who isn’t willing to help. Earlier this week I saw that in action.

My issue was with an AT&T agent who was unwilling to help, but it can easily be applied to travel or credit agents. Long story short an employee in the store told me to turn off a feature blocking data on my second line in order to send picture messages, but that no data would be used and there’d be no charge. Of course immediately after I was emailed about a new data charge.

I called in to turn data block back on and was told that the phone was now coded as a smart phone and there would now be a data plan on that phone forever. The agent didn’t seem to care that I was really unsatisfied with that answer since we had been using that phone since December without a data plan, and said it could not be changed in the system.

I ran out of time to talk before work, but she was unwilling to assist so I gave up. I was talked into calling once more and this time got a nice phone agent who immediately offered to send us a new basic phone for free to avoid the whole data plan/smartphone issue – perfect solution. The call was over in less than half of the time I spent disagreeing with the first agent and I was thrilled. She even said “I’m not sure why they didn’t offer you this option earlier…” Entirely different experience than my first call!

The lesson here: if you get an agent who is unwilling to help you, definitely try again later. The answer will definitely be no if you don’t call back to try a new agent, but could change to a yes if you do.


About Rebecca

I'm an engineer who is new to the points game. Hoping to share my discoveries as I collect points to travel the world.

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