App-o-Rama Results Again!

It’s that time again, time to apply for some more credit card offers! I try to abide by the 90 day rule/suggestion – mostly for self-control. My last round of apps was back in May, but I broke the cycle to apply for one offer in June. I was hoping that wouldn’t affect me too much. This time around I was only applying for two cards – and if all went to plan, a third would follow 8 days later.

WARNING: this hobby is not for everyone. If you cannot use your credit responsibly and pay off your cards each month, interest on the cards will override ANY benefits you get. I treat my cards like cash and pay them off either right before the statement hits or immediately after. If your credit score isn’t great I would not attempt this without researching the effects. However, scores in the upper 700′s don’t benefit you much as they increase. If you have a great score/history and don’t need a mortgage or loan any time soon, use your score to your advantage. This will negatively impact your average age of accounts. If your score is low and you are new to credit cards I’d definitely hold off and establish your credit/history some. See my post about traveling on your credit score for more information on this topic.

Card #1: The Barclay’s US Airways Premier World MasterCard

The current best offer is 35,000 miles with the $89 annual fee waived for the first year, and 10,000 miles on the card’s yearly anniversary. I was pretty much expecting my application to be denied for this card. I’ve been following the FlyerTalk thread, and approvals seem to be thinning out for second or third cards. This card used to be churnable, and people reported success with getting multiple cards. I already have this card, opened 6 months ago in February and still open. My plan was to apply 6 months later for a second. But with what I had been reading on FlyerTalk I wasn’t optimistic.

I applied anyways and got an error message saying “We apologize for the inconvenience, but our website is experiencing technical issues.” with a phone number to call. I wasn’t surprised as others have mentioned this in the FlyerTalk thread, and listed a website to check the application status. I checked the site, and my status was approved! Instant approval!! I was not expecting that, but am definitely happy!


Card #2: The Citibank AAdvantage Platinum Visa

Guess what? I already have this card too. This card is what tempted me into doing my very first mini app-o-rama back in November of last year. I used the two browser method and applied simultaneously for two AAdvantage cards and got 100,000 AAdvantage Miles doing so! The two browser method no longer works. However, the card appears to be churnable again! (Update: appears to no longer be churnable as of late August!) Previously, you had to wait 18 months to apply again. Based on results in a FlyerTalk thread I’ve been following, that is no longer the case. Many have reported success getting one card, then applying for the same card 8 days later (update: now reporting failures). Travel Summary also recently wrote about this here, stating it is possibly better than the two browser trick. The basics are you apply for one card, then a second 8 days later – as Citibank allows two applications within a 65 day period.

I applied using the FlyerTalk link, as it is the current best offer for 50,000 miles after $3000 spent in 3 months with the annual fee waived for the first year. On my last application with Citibank, they only approved a small credit limit. I was expecting to have to move some of my existing credit this time around. I wasn’t surprised when my application went pending. A second later, a chat window popped up. I had almost waited until normal business hours to apply hoping this would happen. Luckily, it happened anyways! The representative was very friendly, and just asked if I was okay with another small credit limit line or if I wanted to move some around. I said that was fine, and was approved for $1000 higher than the amount he initially stated. I will confirm the bonus after I receive the card. If it is as I expect (based on results on FlyerTalk), I may attempt another card after waiting a week or more! 🙂

It will be interesting to see how this develops, but so far so good according to reports on FlyerTalk.


With the AAdvantage card, I am getting much closer to being able to book the next big trip – potentially to Australia/New Zealand!


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