Our American Airlines Award Return Flight from Japan Was Canceled and Rebooked!

If you haven’t been following, I’ve been using all these points to plan a nice trip to Tokyo later this year. You can read more about it here. We booked our return flight from Japan on American Airlines in business class using AAdvantage miles. I received an email about a schedule change on our flight from Narita to Chicago. It turned out that flight had been canceled and we had been rebooked. The only catch was we were rebooked with a misconnect. Our new flight from Japan arrived in Los Angeles after our next flight had already taken off! Thanks American Airlines, that’s useful. I called and learned about a few options. There weren’t any ideal flights for us that day. There was another flight out of Haneda (closer to Tokyo than Narita) but it left at 6am instead of 6pm. I really didn’t want to lose an entire afternoon in Tokyo.

My first instinct was to ask if it was possible to switch to a Japan Airlines flight (what I should have booked originally – but I didn’t really know at the time). There were no seats available and I was told it wasn’t possible. Oh well. So I looked on the website and found availability for our original flight but on the following day. We had booked “Business/First MileSAAver” tickets for 50,000 AAdvantage miles each (one way). But there was only “Business/First AAnytime” availability for 100,000 miles one way on the day after we had planned to return. I called back and asked if it was possible to be booked on that flight instead and we were rebooked for one day later for the same cost!

I think having to spend an extra night in Tokyo is a “first world problem” if there ever was one. Especially since based on Mommy Points and Travel Summary’s recent reviews of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, I gave in to peer pressure and booked a room there for 22,000 Ultimate Rewards (transferred to Hyatt Gold Passport Points). It was definitely not a bad problem to have, and I’m glad American Airlines was willing to rebook us on the higher mileage award flight!


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2 responses to “Our American Airlines Award Return Flight from Japan Was Canceled and Rebooked!”

  1. Brooklyn Chick Travels says :

    AA did the same to me with rebooking although I didn’t use points! I think they have a trend to do it if your original flight isn’t being booked up so they combine everyone onto a different flight. Good it worked out for you!

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