Chase Sapphire Preferred Now With Chip and Signature…sort of!

I saw reports last week of several people (like The Points Guy here) mentioning they were able to get a new version of their Chase Sapphire Preferred card sent out with a smart chip. Chip and pin cards are frequently used internationally, and having a chip and signature card (smart chip but no pin) definitely helps while traveling through Europe. I used my Citibank Hilton Reserve with a chip in Europe earlier this year. I was very excited to hear chips are now available for the Chase Sapphire Preferred as it has no foreign transaction fees and therefore is already a great card to use abroad. A smart chip means the card will be more widely accepted as the typical US cards are sometimes not accepted by certain card readers.

I called the number on the back of my card last week to request one. The first representative I spoke with said they weren’t available. I figured since it was a new feature I’d call back to make sure. The second representative I spoke with said they were! They sent me a new card which arrived in a day or two. I excitedly opened the package and found an exact replica of my current card (no chip!). I called back AGAIN and the third rep said she was sorry, and that she would send another. Fast forward two days and I open ANOTHER replica of my current card – again no chip. I called again today and was told the chip version is currently only available for the Visa version, not the MasterCard! It turns out the first representative was right. I now have three copies of my Chase Sapphire Preferred and am anxiously waiting for whenever the MasterCard versions become chip enabled.


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