Lufthansa First Class Terminal In Frankfurt

We arrived in Frankfurt around 11am and quickly passed through customs/immigration. There are several Lufthansa lounge options at the Frankfurt airport. There are First Class lounges within the main airport terminals, but there is also a dedicated First Class Terminal outside of the airport. I had researched ahead of time and knew we would have to leave the airport to get to it. It’s not clearly marked, and it seems to be intended for passengers originating in Frankfurt – not connecting. But we were allowed access. For anyone who is wondering, the couple who was in first class on our flight had a business class connection but was also granted access to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

We asked upon arrival at Frankfurt about the lounge and were directed towards one of the ones inside security in the main terminal. But luckily I had read View From The Wing’s great write-up on it and knew to walk out. So we headed out towards ground transportation and walked until we found where the taxi’s originate from. At that point you have to cross the street (where there isn’t a clear crosswalk, it was a little iffy but we made it!) and you will see the First Class Terminal.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

You then walk in on the ground floor and will see a simple sign saying to take the elevator up. We followed and were met by a personal escort, who would come get us when it was time for our flight. The service was simply amazing. Upon entering the First Class Terminal you pass through security there. It was the politest security check point I’ve encountered. No rush, very quiet and nice. You then hand your escort your passport. They will take care of immigration for you and give you back your passport when you leave for your flight. This made me a little nervous, but I had read about it ahead of time so I wasn’t too concerned.

After security, you are given a brief overview of the lounge.

Seating in the First Class Terminal

Seating in the terminal

There are drinks galore, a full menu, massage/relaxation chairs, a cigar lounge, business rooms and showers. When you enter the lounge one of the first things you see is candy!

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

I decided to take a quick shower and was really looking forward to getting a famous Lufthansa rubber ducky. When we inquired, they had run out!!! But the service is so incredible they had two rubber duckies brought over from one of the other lounges for us before our flight! The shower was very nice with Etro amenities and a rain showerhead.

Lufthansa Rubber Duckies - We got blue ones!

Lufthansa Rubber Duckies – We got blue ones!

We then sat down at the bar. The bar even offered a “water bar” menu, with various waters from around the world. We tried several, along with a few other drinks. 🙂

The "Water Bar" Menu

The “Water Bar” Menu

Bar Selection

Bar Selection

After a couple hours, our escort came over and told us her shift was over and introduced her replacement. Shortly after, her replacement came to get us to take us to the plane. This is where it gets even cooler. Since the First Class Terminal isn’t in the main airport, you are driven to the plane – usually either in a Porsche or Mercedes.

Our Ride To Our Other Ride

Our Ride To Our Other Ride

After a relaxing couple of hours in the lounge, with incredible service and dining we had to leave. When it was time to board our flight, our personal guide came to get us. We were given back our passports and then headed outside where we our bags were loaded into a Porsche, which was our ride out onto the tarmac. It was pretty amazing to pull up beside the plane.

View During Our Ride To The Plane

View During Our Ride To The Plane

But it gets even better. We boarded the flight to find out we were the only two first class passengers! An entire upper deck of a 747-400 to ourselves! Stay tuned for the write-up.


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