Frankfurt to Osaka on Lufthansa First Class

This is a continuation of the Japan Trip Report. You can read more here:
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Lufthansa First Class Denver to Frankfurt
Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt

I didn’t really think the second flight would be that eventful, especially in comparison to pulling up on the tarmac in a Porsche.

View During Our Ride To The Plane

View During Our Ride To The Plane

But I was wrong. I was rushing to try to get some good pictures before the other first class passengers arrived.

First Class Cabin

First Class Cabin

The flight attendant approached us and welcomed us and offered a drink. She then told us to feel free to use any seats as we were the only two first class passengers! We had the entire upper deck of the plane to ourselves! We also had two dedicated flight attendants who did an AMAZING job.

Our Empty First Class Cabin

Our Empty First Class Cabin

Since we had boarded slightly early and were the only two first class passengers we decided to push our luck and ask if it was possible to see the flight deck located directly in front of the first class cabin. We were expecting a polite no, but were amazed when they said yes! The pilot was very friendly and asked about our trip, and mentioned that they weren’t as uptight as Americans about seeing the cockpit. It was very, very neat.

We returned to our seats (and beds!) and enjoyed our welcome drinks. We received more pajamas, slippers, menus and another identical Rimowa amenity kit as well.

Lufthansa Amenity Kit and Pajamas

Lufthansa Amenity Kit and Pajamas

For the flight to Osaka, we opted for the traditional Japanese meal to get started on our trip to Japan! We still enjoyed caviar prior to the meal.



The level of detail was amazing. The butter even had the words First Class on it!

First Class Butter

First Class Butter

I kind of want a set of the mini Lufthansa salt and pepper shakers now too. The japanese meal was delicious, although honestly we had to refer to the menu often to find out what we were actually eating.

Here’s the Western Menu:

Western Dinner Menu

Western Dinner Menu

And here’s the Japanese Meal Menu:


Japanese Meal Menu

We both ordered the Japanese Meal and enjoyed it.

Lufthansa First Class Japanese Meal Frankfurt - Osaka

Lufthansa First Class Japanese Meal Frankfurt – Osaka

After dinner and a movie on the in-flight entertainment, we headed to bed. Since our flight arrived in Osaka around 9am we wanted to sleep on the flight as much as possible. The good news is the beds are actually pretty comfortable! Even for people over six feet. We both slept fairly well and arrived in Osaka well-rested. As good as the Japanese dinner was, we opted for the Western breakfast shortly before landing.
Western Breakfast

Western Breakfast

The entire flight experience was incredible. Starting in the First Class Terminal all the way to departing the airport in Osaka. The staff was attentive and very friendly, and we greatly enjoyed our trip. The first class service wasn’t over when the flight landed though. We were met at the gate by a Lufthansa representative with a sign with our names on it. She walked us through customs and helped translate a few things for us – which was actually very useful since we didn’t understand what we were being asked.

The Lufthansa flight attendants were so friendly that when they passed us while walking out of the Osaka airport (KIX) and we were trying to get a picture they stopped and offered to take one for us. It was the perfect end to perfect service and an amazing experience.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. And to be honest, I can’t fault United for raising the award cost. The fact that we flew 22 hours in Lufthansa first class for 67,500 miles is fairly ridiculous. I’d even say it’s potentially worth the new doubled United mileage award costs!


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