Am I crazy for going to Iceland?

I saw a random tweet about a great deal on a package trip to Iceland through Icelandair back in October. I don’t remember who tweeted it or when, but it caught my eye. I mentioned it to a friend, and found out she was actually crazy enough to consider going with me in January! That’s how our adventure began.

Let me preface this with the fact that I live in Florida. I’ve lived in the Midwest and have seen and dealt with snow and cold weather in the past though. My friend who is going with me is from Florida and had never even seen snow. So going to Iceland in January was a big deal! Apparently it’s a big deal to everyone I’ve mentioned it to. The common response seems to be “why?!”.

So here’s why.

1) It’s cheap! It’s the off-season, and our entire trip including hotel, flights from New York, breakfast and two tours was only $700-something for four nights.

2) There was a possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. My friend and I agreed before booking the trip that it’s not a deal breaker. Even if we weren’t able to see them (and there was a chance the weather wouldn’t cooperate and we wouldn’t see them) we would both still want to go. But if we did get to see them, well then it was definitely worth putting up with cold weather!

3) It’s really not all that cold. I mean, I’m from Florida. Typical January weather is about twice the temperature of Iceland. So yes, it was cold for me. But most of our trip the forecast says was between 30 and 40 degrees out. Some snow, but not as bad as you’d think when you hear ICEland. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cold – but New York City on the way there and back was about 10 degrees colder than it will be in Iceland.

4) The geographic features of Iceland look incredible. From glaciers and waterfalls to volcanoes and black sand beaches – I was excited to explore.

Let me tell you though – really hard to buy snow boots in Florida. I went to Gander Mountain where they sell outdoors stuff and the guy there even laughed at me! Amazon saved the day though, and I was able to order gloves, boots and a hat.

I’ve just returned, and it was as incredible. Stay tuned for reports from Iceland in the future! We’ll see if it was as dumb as everyone seems to think or as incredible as I had been expecting.


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