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SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club Lounge Access

I’m running slightly behind here on trip reports, but wanted to mention this method for lounge access. Way back in October I saw some folks on twitter mention a great deal Icelandair was running on package trips to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. I know this blog is primarily aimed at using points towards travel, but this was too good of a deal to pass up! For less than $800 per person we got a four night trip to Iceland including transfers from the airport, four nights hotel with breakfast, a Northern Lights and Blue Lagoon tour.

The flight left from JFK, and we had to find our own transportation there. I wound up buying a reasonable JetBlue flight. It was the first time I had flown JetBlue in a long time – if not ever, but it was great! I was debating between JetBlue or Delta hoping for an upgrade as a Silver Medallion (it’s happened before). When I looked up JetBlue legroom – it was almost as much as Delta’s first class! So I went for the JetBlue option and enjoyed the flight and the fact every seat had tvs.

The JetBlue flight I found landed pretty early in NYC before our flight out that night. I was debating about going into the city, but it snowed a lot that week so I quickly changed my mind. I know, I know – headed to Iceland and trying to avoid snow is dumb. But I’m from Florida and was concerned about possibly missing the flight to Iceland. I had seen a write-up on Flyertalk about a lounge access reimbursement program called SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club. You pay a membership fee for a year, and then once a month are eligible for reimbursements in the form of a mail-in rebate.

My existing lounge access options weren’t going to work for the Terminal I needed for Icelandair, but there was a United lounge. The Lounge was listed on the SkyGuide site as being eligible: Based on the info I found on flyer talk there was a $20 discounted membership option for the Executive Club. I called and joined a few days before my trip.

When I got to JFK, I went into the United Club and paid the $50 one day fee. I spent several hours in the lounge relaxing before my flight. Nothing fancy – and definitely not worth $50. But I’m okay with $20 for free snacks and drinks and a quieter resting place. Especially if that $20 gets you twelve visits per year. My membership also came with a free laptop bag that was mailed to me.

After the trip I mailed in my receipt following the procedure on the SkyGuide site. I received a check back within the allotted time frame! It was very straight forward and I had no issues with it. I believe the maximum reimbursement is $50 per visit, so some clubs may not be fully covered. If you’re looking for occasional lounge access it may be worth a try!