First Day in Reykjavik, 871 Settlement Exhibition and Northern Lights Tour

This is a continuation of the Iceland trip report, you can read more below:
Center Hotel Plaza Review

After breakfast in the hotel, we decided to walk around Reykjavik for a bit. A few doors down from the hotel, we found The Settlement Exhibition Reykjavik 871. If I recall correctly, admission was about $12.

Reykjavik 871

Reykjavik 871

The exhibit contains excavated ruins from a hall with a wall dated before 871 AD. The exhibit also has displays attempting to demonstrate what life was like for the first settlers of Reykjavik.

Reykjavik 871 Remains

Reykjavik 871 Remains

We spent about an hour walking around and examining everything on display. It was interesting. They had neat displays such as how to write your name in runes.

Reykjavik 871 - Runes Writing

Reykjavik 871 – Write Your Name in Runes

Shortly after emerging from the exhibition, it began snowing. Probably seems somewhat insignificant for Iceland, but for my friend from Florida who was traveling with me – it was the first time she had ever seen snow!

A snowy Rekyjavik

Snow in Rekyjavik

After wandering around for a bit we decided to grab lunch. We found a fish and chips place and went in. The food was great! However, it was also expensive. We learned very quickly that it wasn’t just the Icelandic Fish and Chips prices – food in Iceland is expensive most places!

At this point jet lag kicked in and since we had a Northern Lights tour starting at 10pm, we decided to give in and take a nap. We woke up just in time to wander down to the harbor to meet up with our tour. Our package trip included a Northern Lights by boat tour. Unfortunately, the seas were too rough to go by boat – so we went by bus.  The bus drove for a good 40 minutes into what seemed like the middle of nowhere. We got out and waited outside looking for any sign of the Northern Lights. I got a good chance to play with my camera and figure out how I might try to capture images if we did see them!

Northern Lights Tour Location

Northern Lights Tour Location

The tour operator provided jumpsuits for anyone who wanted. My friend and I grabbed them but didn’t wind up putting them on.

The Tour Provided Jumpsuits

The Tour Provided Jumpsuits

We waited in the snow for a long time trying to see any glimpse of the Northern Lights. We did not succeed. Luckily, the tour came with a guarantee. If you paid for the boat tour and didn’t go by boat, you could try again the next night. If you paid for the bus tour and didn’t see anything, you could also try again. So we decided we would try again the following night and hope for better luck. We returned to the hotel exhausted, but had to get up early for our South Shore tour the next day.


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  1. darwinontherocks says :

    Yeah, food in Iceland is so expensive…. especially food and vegetables (even in groceries stores !)

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