Iceland Day 4: Golden Circle Tour

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We woke up early the next morning to head out on our Golden Circle tour. I had booked this one through a different tour company – IGTours. The thought was if one company was bad we’d at least get another shot. I’m normally not a huge organized tour fan but I live in Florida and while I spent a winter in Indiana once I had no desire to attempt to drive in snow in Iceland. So we went the organized tour route. What was funny was that our tour guide from the South Shore tour worked for both companies! She strolled in to our hotel lobby to pick us up and we laughed. We were actually really glad though, it turned out to be a great tour! She tried really hard to come up with different stories and history information for us since she didn’t want to repeat what we had already heard on the first tour. We learned a lot and had a blast. And got to know a little more than the standard tour guide type information.

Our first stop on the Golden Circle tour was to check out some Icelandic horses. This was just a quick stop on the side of the road. They were very friendly and came right up to the fence allowing for some petting and better pictures. The horses were beautiful and we learned that Iceland has very strict laws against importing/exporting horses and therefore few horse diseases.

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses

Our next stop was at Gulfoss – a giant waterfall. It was beautiful, and partly frozen. We were also partly frozen as the wind gusts were incredible that day. But we stuck it out as long as we could and walked around to explore.



Gulfoss was very pretty, even during the winter.

Gulfoss - another view

Gulfoss – another view

After Gulfoss, we headed to Geysir. It was fairly small but geysers are always neat to see. We grabbed lunch nearby before getting back on the road.



Our final stop was Þingvellir. We learned a lot about the political history of Iceland as it was the site of the first parliament.

Gorgeous view at Pingvellier

Gorgeous view at Pingvellier

It’s also where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and are spreading apart. The geology was very neat.



After our tour ended, we headed back to the hotel to warm up before our final shot at seeing the Northern Lights.


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