Iceland Day 5: Blue Lagoon

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Our package trip included transportation to and from Keflavik airport (which was maybe a 45 minute drive outside of Reyjavik). On our return trip, it included a stop at the Blue Lagoon. Since we were out late the night before with the Northern Lights Tour, we were a bit rushed to finish packing and catch the bus in the morning! But we made it, and were ready for some relaxation before leaving the cold to head back to Florida.

After a little bit of a drive we wound up at the Blue Lagoon. We really enjoyed the scenery on the way there. During most of our trip Iceland was covered in snow, but on our final day some of it had melted and we were able to see the incredible lava rocks. When we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, we somehow missed the fact that several people were heading to a separate building outside to store their luggage. We took ours inside with us and had a little bit of trouble finding lockers. We managed though, and it was nice having all our clothes to change into since we didn’t think far enough ahead to separate everything we’d need at the Blue Lagoon.

Scenery while walking up to the Blue Lagoon

Scenery while walking up to the Blue Lagoon

Upon arrival, we had to wait in line for tickets. It was a fairly long line and we were disappointed that it cut into our time there. After checking in, we learned our tickets included a free spa sample bag which was nice as those products were very expensive in the gift shop! We headed into the locker rooms and changed into our swimsuits and robes they provided. After exiting the locker room, you head outside to get into the lagoon. The portion between the locker room and entering the water was freezing!! It was amusing to watch people rush into the water. I thought the contrast between the lifeguards in full winter gear and the swimsuits nearby was great.

Lifeguard at the Blue Lagoon

Lifeguard at the Blue Lagoon

The water temperature varied, but was always warm enough. We discovered if you walk around there are some very warm spots. Our tickets also included free drinks at the swim-up bar! We had a great time, and found some people we had been on other tours with and enjoyed discussing what everyone saw on their trips. Unfortunately, we only had about 45 minutes to swim. If you’re planning to stop by the Blue Lagoon on your way into or out of Iceland, I highly recommend doing it your first day so you aren’t worried about catching a flight and can relax and enjoy the experience. Before leaving, I headed outside to the patio near the restaurant to see if I could get a better view of the lagoon.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

While I absolutely LOVED our time in Iceland, after five days I was ready to head back to warm weather at home. Even the scenery on the flight home was pretty though!

Flight Home on Icelandair

Flight Home on Icelandair

We’ve reached the end of the Iceland trip report! (A little delayed, I know.) We had an amazing trip, and if you ever get a chance to go to Iceland, go. It was incredible, and I hope to go back during the summer one year for even more incredible scenery.


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